Welcome to the Diaspora Section of the Embassy of Ghana in Luanda, Angola.

The Ghanaian Diaspora is considered an ally and a strategic resource by the Government of Ghana in her development efforts. The Ghanaian Diaspora is broadly defined to include Ghanaian citizens or nationals, their immediate relations and others with roots to or interest in the country, who are domiciled abroad.

The Diaspora Affairs Office of the Office of the President (DAOOP) was established in February 2017. The DAOOP works in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ghana Missions Abroad, Ghanaian Associations Abroad, other State Institutions, International Organizations and NGOs to promote the interest of Ghanaians in the diaspora and explore more meaningful ways in which the diaspora could contribute to Ghana’s socio-economic development for mutual benefit.

The Objective behind establishing the Ghanaian Diaspora Office by the Office of the President is to emphasise the importance the government places on the contributions Ghanaians in the Diaspora make to the economy. Ghanaians in the Diaspora serve in building bridges between their country of residence and Ghana by providing market access, sources of expertise, knowledge, investment and technology.

The Diaspora Desk


The establishment of Diaspora Desks in all Ghana Missions abroad is a national policy initiative to constructively engage the Ghanaian Diaspora in national development.

In view of this, the Diaspora Section of the Ghana Embassy in Luanda, Angola deals with the under listed issues in the Host country, as well as its countries of Concurrent Accreditation (Madagascar & Sao Tome & Principe):

  1. Management and dissemination of relevant information to Ghanaians, Angolans and the general public;
  2. Serving as the Public Relations outfit for the Mission on Diaspora Engagement matters;
  3. Building  a database of Ghanaians living in Mission’s countries of accreditation to facilitate outreach and support programs, and the mainstreaming of such Ghanaians into the national development agenda;
  4. Working with the Ghanaian diaspora through Ghanaian Associations in Angola to project and promote the image of Ghana, as well as push through the development agenda of Ghana;
  5. Facilitating the organization of Ghanaian Associations with the aim of promoting unity amongst Ghanaian diaspora, and assisting our compatriots, where possible, to attain a more purposeful stay in Host country and countries of accreditation;
  6. Mobilizing applicable contributions of Ghanaian diaspora for national development.
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